Special Options

For fastest service we ask for hard copies of your data on a DVD, CD, or USB drive. We also accept archives of data in .ZIP, .RAR, and .ISO format using our comapny Drop Box. 


RUSH Delivery

Because we have our own domestic production facility, we are able to provide uniquely fast service to our customers. We keep several of the most popular models of our USB drives and power bank chargers in stock, ready to be printed and shipped at a moment's notice. Standard turnaround time for most models is 10 days, but if RUSH delivery is ordered, the turnaround time can be decreased to 3 days or less. USB drives ordered with our RUSH delivery service are assembled to the exact same standards as products with a standard turnnaround time. RUSH delivery services will include an upcharge.

USB 3.0

We offer brand new technology with customizable USB 3.0 usb drives. USB 3.0 improves on previous data transfer capabilities with ten times the speed. The connection also takes it easy on your computer system by using less energy in its power regulation. USB 3.0 drives are also backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports. Give the latest technology at your trade show, as a promotional item or corporate gift. 

Data Preloading

Our most popular option, with data preloading we will load your custom content onto your drives before we ship them out. Great for saving time and sharing your USB drives right out of the box. Any file types are fine, including Microsoft Office files, PDFs, images, presentations, even full applications or executable files. Secure preloading is also available for individualized data, which is great for sharing individual clients’ medical data, financial data, or legal documents.


Portable Applications

Thanks to a partnership with PortableApps.com we can offer a wide range of USB applications. Carry your favorite programs with you everywhere, complete with settings, bookmarks, email, and more. Applications work on any Windows computer with a USB port and don’t leave any personal data behind, providing a secure and convenient experience. For more information contact a representative or visit PortableApps.com.


The name pretty much says it all. Autorun automatically accesses the files on the USB drive when a user plugs it into their computer. Works great for linking to external URLs (see our Paper Web Keys for another option), image files, movie clips, and more. This useful function is available on all our customizable USB drive models.

Secure Partition Services

Protect your preloaded USB data from deletion by partitioning the drive. This service divides the drive into two or more areas – also known as partitions. We’ll place your data in one partition where it cannot be deleted and leave one or more partitions free for individual use. For even more protection, we can password protect your data’s partition and restrict access to certain qualified users. This let’s you share sensitive information with those who need it but still hand out your drives freely.

Locked / Hidden Content

We can partition some of your preloaded data to lock it down and disguise it as if it were an optical drive. You can choose to make this data hidden as well, making it essentially invisible to the end-user.

Unit Serial Numbers

Share your preloaded application with confidence by assigning each of your drives a unique serial ID number. These numbers are tamperproof and if a unique ID does not authenticate with your application the program will not launch. Contact a representative if you are interested in unit serialization, as it is not available for all models.

Custom Icons

Customize how users see your USB drive with a custom operating system icon. You can add your company imagery, product imagery, or any image you want. Custom icons make a nice impression and share your branding every time users plug in your USB drives.


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