Choosing a promotional tool that will be passed out to hundreds of people can be quite a daunting task. Many potential anxieties can come about considering what the majority will accept, use or throw away. Instead of scavenging through a variety of companies promotional tools, consider using a wood power bank portable charger.

USB Promos aims to be a one stop promotional shop. By researching what is popular we can find and improve options already out there making it easier for you to shop. The newest line of products are our custom power banks that range in charging capacities from 2200- 12800 mAh. To further simplify the process for you, we are one of the only companies to offer real, high quality wood mobile chargers; They offer a simple solution that appeals to most everyone.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="538" caption="Featuring our PB-1022 models."]fall_wood_powerbank_nature_natural wood_usbpromos.jpg[/caption] The perks of real wood portable chargers include:

  • Gender neutral
  • Age-friendly
  • Minimalist style that can be spruced up with ink printing or laser engraving
  • Can be produced in bulk within 5 business days
  • No need to design a custom sleeve

Powerbanks are a great technology based tool for marketing. While we love our custom USB drives, mobile chargers are a great option for people who don’t need a flash drive. Many people save/store data on the Cloud, computer hard drive, external hard drive, DropBox, email etc. However, almost everyone uses some form of technology device on a day to day basis. Thus, they need a charger on hand to prevent being disconnected from the world.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="Our PB-1022 model comes in different wood species."]wood+powerbank+USB+mobilecharger+promotionaltool[/caption]  

Our models range in charging capacity from 2200mAh to 12800 mAh. The larger the number, the larger the battery cells and longer they can hold a charge. We guarantee at least two full charges with our smallest capacity just to give you a better idea. Prices include powerbank, universal USB charging cord, branding method (print or laser) and shipping.

If you have any questions about our wood or other powerbanks, feel free to contact our sales team: or 1-800-515-3990.

-The USB Promos Team

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