In a world cluttered with advertisements, it can be hard to grab the attention of the audience you want. Messages get lost in social media with consumers mindlessly clicking past them.  Newspapers are a dying art. So what is there left to do? We here at USB Promos think one of the best ways to market yourself in the 21st century is to provide consumers with a tangible memory of you.

To cut through clutter it’s good to remember this mantra: hear it, touch it, see it. This mantra applies to any product. Consumers are more apt to remember/use a product when these three senses are tapped into. By marketing with a custom USB drive you can ensure that your product is remembered.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="501" caption="Coca-Cola custom USB drive"][/caption]

Let’s use this Coca-Cola USB drive for example. Consumers hear Coca-Cola often. Then they were given a mini USB drive, to use daily, that mimics the shape of a real soda. The consumer therefore sees the product whenever they need to use the USB. It serves as a subliminal message for the consumer to choose that product over competitors when they shop.

For other ideas on how to use a custom USB drive in your industry check out our idea gallery.

-USB Promos