They say there is no such thing as bad press, but that isn’t necessarily true when it comes to the faux power banks circulating the technology industry. While USB Promos now offers creative and custom services to turn standard power banks into one-of-a-kind promotional tools without ever sacrificing quality. Unfortunately, these powerful rechargeable batteries have made the news in recent months and for all of the wrong reasons.

Some of Chinese factories and our competitors were caught passing off less than quality products as superior technology in the news. If you are shopping around the promotional industry for your next powerbank charger, please be cautious. We have put together a short list to help you get the return on investment you deserve.

1)     Be wary of internet stores and sellers with unbranded banks. Many claim to have power banks with abnormally high charge rate capacities i.e. 12000mAh-20000mAh or higher. Those false claims coupled with a very cheap price tag and absent branding should serve as an immediate alert to be wary. Quick rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stay away from these type of sellers.


2)     Some power banks made in Shenzen factories offer high capacities with low minimum quantities for low prices. Be extremely cautious if you can buy less than 10 chargers for a few bucks a pop. You may fall victim like a Taiwanese gentleman who received an unbelievable deal for a powerbank with a supposed “24,000mAh charge capacity” that ended up faulty and filled with sand.


  Some may argue that their custom powerbank works great and is heavy enough that it must be the max capacity promised. Don’t be fooled by the weight of a powerbank as that is not an accurate form of measurement. As you can see in the pictures, the faux product indeed had one charging cell and two bags of sand. Yes- sand to trick the average consumer into believing the charger had X number of cells to produce the anticipated power.  


3)     If you receive your brandless powerbank(s) and even one looks like the following picture-  return to sender. Notice that there are a variety of batteries used. This is not only poor quality, but also dangerous to you/your technology.


The batteries were not produced in the same batch, hence the different colors. Using a variety of batteries means they are probably recycled, broke placeholders and/or putting out not even ⅓ of the charge they should. The most dangerous part about using non compatible batteries is the chance of unstable currents. This could result in charging/discharging issues for your technology like draining the battery or frying the technology. Invest the extra money for a guaranteed, high quality powerbank and save yourself the trouble.

4)      Another issue and a far more dangerous side effect is the probability of explosions. Power banks can explode when battery cells are mixed. Short-circuiting results in periods of higher and non-regulated battery temperatures that heat up the inside liquid and water which turns into gas. The high temperature and the gas can easily cause an explosion as seen in the following picture.


While it’s important to recognize what to look for in a low quality and dangerous power bank, it’s equally important to know what a proper charger looks like.


The above picture is what your power bank should look like from a reputable company; batteries wrapped in a separate package.


USB Promos is proud to guarantee high quality standard and custom power banks that exceed less than average industry standards. We do not and will never use recycled, misfit or mismatch batteries. Even if that would lower the cost tremendously for you as mentioned above, we will never sacrifice our customer’s satisfaction or safety. 


All parts are produced brand new for each powerbank meaning we won’t use old or foreign parts that will quickly destruct. After assembly every battery’s charge capacity is checked to ensure high quality products. We also protect the customer by offering a lifetime guarantee.

If you are planning or shopping around the market for a powerbank, be especially cautious. You can keep these malfunctions at bay by investing a little more and steering away from unbranded powerbanks. If you have any questions while you are shopping around, let us know. Our tech team would be more than happy to help!