One of the obstacles that advertisers have faced for thousands of years is ad clutter – of a medium is too cheap and easy, everyone will use it, and it will loose impact.

Throughout history, the most successful merchants were the ones who made an effort to stand out. We have come a long way since 1,000 B.C. when the merchants in Babylonia would inscribe product offerings on stones and take them to other towns in an effort to offer their products to as many potential customers as possible. As you can imagine, it took considerable time and effort to create attractive advertisements on a stones that would be worth carrying to another city by horseback. But the number of ancient writings discovered that were used for advertising is evidence that their time and effort paid off.

As technology progressed it became easier and less expensive to advertise. The printing press in 1440, and the first print-shop in 1480 which is when direct mail really took off in England. Since then, the advertisers have had to work even harder to innovate and compete for attention.

Recent advancements in technology has made the integration of video screens in brochures cost effective for many campaigns. Our video brochures are small, light and inexpensive.

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