• New Model and Service Information
  • Marketing Material
  • Owner's Manuals
  • Show & Dealership Giveaway
  • Service/Maintenance Records
  • Parts Catalogs

Promoting automotive, rail, truck, barge, express mail or other logistical services is a challenge with all the competition out there.

A custom USB drive will help you stand apart from your competition and market your brand to companies and individuals who use your services. A custom branded drive is an excellent way of promoting your new models and service to consumers at shows or distributing information to companies who need to move their products .

Content such as promotional videos or other media, informative documents, and access to privileged web content and other tools is just a click away.

Add value to your service with a custom flash drive that contains service and maintenance records. Update records with each visit, for a practical gift that clients will appreciate.

Offering electronic records via USB flash drive can differentiate your business from competitors and encourage customer loyalty.