Need a customized Trade Show package or Media Kit? Let USB Promos build the perfect package for your company.


Trade Shows

Exhibiting at a trade show gets you in front of a lot of customers and prospective buyers in a very short amount of time. It opens the door for communication and that is a door that is frequently difficult to get your foot into.

Trade shows offer you the chance to not only talk about your products and services, but also create that all important initial impression of your company. Taking a high profile position in your market helps build and maintain your company's image. It also gives you the remarkable opportunity to check out your competition and stay on top of industry trends.

What better trade show promotional than a custom USB drive? Prospective clients and customers will be reminded of your products and your brand whenever they use it.

Customized USB drives are a high impact statement that delivers the results that you need. A one-of-a- kind promotional item, custom USB drives create buzz on the exhibit floor and attract visitors to your booth.

You can use USB drives to maximize your results by loading them with information that will enhance your brand and product visibility. They are an excellent method to promote new products and services.

Your USB Promos sales professional will work with you to achieve the design that you need. There is a wide range of models, prices and branding options to select from.

A customized USB drive is a powerful marketing tool to use before, during, and after a trade show or event. It connects with clients and opens the door for future business.

Call (800-515-3990 X705) or email us ( today and we will be happy to help you select a drive for an upcoming trade show or event that will create a lasting impact on your customers.

Media Kits

If you want to get noticed by the press, you need a media kit.

What you put in your media kit will set you apart from the competition and may possibly get you some free press which is defined as media exposure that you just can't buy. This kind of coverage provides credibility, increases your brand awareness and drives traffic to your website and your business. It adds specific value to your business.

One of our clients recently told us that he will save over 50% on paper costs this next year by placing his marketing materials on USB drives. He is excited about reducing all that paper and consolidating his information on to a USB drive.

USB Promos can assist you in selecting a drive that will effectively communicate with the press, customers, vendors and other people who influence the direction of your business.

Getting your message out to the press on a USB drive will make it easy for them to reference your materials when it comes time for them to write a story or reference your business in an article.

Creating a USB electronic press kit will help manage new opportunities and further strengthen the relationships that you have with existing customers and press.