Impressing people with your custom shape USB drives is easy. Who doesn't love to see one of their favorite brands in a miniature form? Even if you get a traditional custom printed USB drive, people love receiving functional gifts that display their favorite brand, company, product, service or place of employment. Unlike some of our competitors, we offer data services too. Our most requested data service is preloading. We can pre-load data onto your USB drives so that they don’t have to. While sales sheets, product information and catalogs are very popular, these are the top 5 preloaded items:

  1. Photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a slideshow should leave you speechless. Photos are a top pick to preload. Typically, at least one photo makes it onto a USB drive and one of the other choices below. Something so simple can capture everything you are trying to communicate in one picture. Photography businesses will often preload the entire photoshoot for their client. Motor companies releasing new cars display collages of the new beauty. Restaurants showcase their favorite menu items and PR firms display their portfolio. The options are endless. No wonder why photos are the top preloaded item.

  1. Press Kits

Getting the press to notice you or think something you have to offer is in fact newsworthy requires a good ‘ol media kit. Have your history, backgrounder, press releases, print-ready-photos or logos, FAQ, audio/media files etc.

  1. Music

Many clients involved with the music industry will have music preloaded. Some clients use their promotional USB drive for new albums, EP albums, special recordings etc. Even if you aren't in the music industry, theme songs or songs that set the mood for your business are always great to preload.

  1. Presentations

When you present anything to anyone the whole point is that your audience will remember the information. Your hopes are that your audience will be able to easily access, recall and utilize the information given to them. A new trend is offering up USB drives with the most important data preloaded. Popular items are PowerPoint's, websites, datasheets, infographics, statistic sheets, slideshows etc. So if you have a conference, meeting or tradeshow consider handing out a powerful pre-loaded tool.

  1. School Curriculum

Let’s face it: education is expensive and important. Schools from every level are starting to utilize custom USB drives for their current and potential students. Some gift students with a drive sporting their school logo to be used during their time there and beyond. Why? Because over time it saves the school money. Teachers can preload syllabi, presentations, projects, ebooks, powerpoints, grades, worksheets, videos etc. and that in turn saves them money on wasted paper and ink. Universities are beginning to use the USB drive as a recruiting tool, especially for athletes. They preload all of the game stats, roster, game footage, offer letters and so on. For any education level, a custom USB demonstrates school pride. That is priceless.

  1. Videos

Words and pictures are great, but videos are even better. Most people like to be captivated through movement. A variety of artists preload time lapse videos of their art form. Music artists and TV stations like to preload music videos, special episodes or bloopers. Commercials are the most common video followed by demonstrational videos/tutorials.

There you have it; the top 5 preloaded items. If you want to see some more examples of how real world clients used their drives check out this idea gallery for USB Promos. Also, if you have a question about guidelines or restrictions for our data services, leave a comment or email