USB Promos offers an efficient and effective ordering process for ordering a custom USB drive. From searching through products on our viewer-friendly website, to receiving the product in a timely manner, USB Promos aims for customer satisfaction.

We believe that the process should be as simple as possible from the start. Therefore, once a client has decided on a product they would like customized they can present the idea to our sales team through  e-mail, our online chat system or by phone. The sales team will help gather the details of the order including what type of material the drive will be made with: 2D rubber PVC, 3D rubber PVC, ABS plastic, metal, epoxy dome, etc. Together, they will also decide if any accessories are needed for the drive like the more popular ball and chain, keychains and PVC tags.

The order is then given to our graphic design team who furthers the process by designing a digital mock up of the drive. The design team will respond in less than 24-hours with the initial 3D design.

We also have the ability to create a 3D printed prototype which can then be sent to the client by the next business day. After the client has seen and approved the final prototype, the design is sent to production.

Production begins with creating a custom mold for the product and then producing the order. There is a minimum requirement of 100 USB drives per order. The products are then shipped to the client within 3 ½ weeks.