“It’s what’s inside that counts,” is a very true statement when it comes to USB drives and power banks. High quality memory chips and batteries are what power our flash drives and power bank chargers. 

Today being National Rocky Road Day, it’s all about enjoying your ice cream, especially rocky road. No need to limit yourself to eating ice cream just this one day a year, though. You can also enjoy your rocky road every day of the year with ice cream shaped USB drives and power banks.

 USB drives keep your files safe from being lost and are transportable so you can access your files anywhere. In PVC, you can replicate almost any of your favorite things so that you can know that is your own fully personalized product.


 Custom shaped power banks give you that extra battery charge your mobile device needs when you’re on the go. Our power banks are compatible with any mobile phone and if you’re are out all day and without access to a wall charger, why not carry one of these custom shaped power banks along?