USB Promos has Rapid Prototyping service for custom USB shapes. Imagine that you have a custom shaped USB drive in mind and in as little as 24 hours you have a sample in your hand.
Rapid Prototype Custom USB Shapes
Rapid Prototyping is a technique used to quickly produce a scale model using three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data. The first methods for rapid prototyping became available in the late 1980’s and are used for a wide range of applications today including modeling USB drives. USB Promos is the first USB Company in the U.S. to have this technology.
Rapid Prototyping Design USB Drives
Rapid prototyping is not only fast but can produce very complex shapes. This will save both time and money instead of waiting to get an actual physical sample from our factory, as an entire tool mold has to be produced to create a production sample.  USB Promos includes this service for free. You are involved in the design process from the start. USB Promos sends you a 3D drawing which allows your team to give feedback and make immediate revisions. Once the design is approved, the prototype is made and sent to you. In advance of production, you know exactly what your custom drive will look like. Using this technology in the product design allows USB Promos to make changes quickly and preserves the integrity of the model. The plant creates the mold directly from the CAD file and eliminates any of the inconsistencies in the design process. Ask us about our Rapid Prototyping service today. We can have a sample to you tomorrow.