The Company:


The Challenge:

Crafting a custom USB drive modeled on the Scatter Rap fishing lure produced by Rapala.

Our Strategy:

Rapala’s Scatter Rap lure is shaped and colored to look and move like a small fish. In order to create a USB drive design that was as accurate as possible, Rapala sent us one of the Scatter Rap lures to study. While studying the lure, our design team came up with and pitched an idea we have never tried before: incorporating a piece of the actual product into the USB drives.

The Scatter Rap has a small piece of plastic shaped a bit like a potato chip called the Scatter Lip. The plastic piece protrudes from one end of the lure (the end with the mouth of the fish) and helps control the lure’s movement. The design team decided that they could incorporate this plastic piece into the design of the USB drives to make them even more accurate.

After receiving approval of this unique idea we were able to begin bringing the idea to fruition with quite a bit of help from Rapala.

The Cool Details:

This project turned into a very collaborative effort between Rapala and the USB Promos team. Rapala shipped a few thousand of the plastic pieces to us to use in the USB drives, provided additional samples of the lure, and several high-quality images to give us a strong basis for our design.

The USB Promos team took the samples and the plastic pieces and produced a final product that was not only a close representation of the lure, but also included an actual piece of the lure making it extra special for both our team and for the customer.

End Results:

Since the USB Promos team decided to incorporate a piece of Rapala’s actual product in the design we worked with them closely to make sure the piece was used properly and the design was successful. It was a real team effort.

Rapala was so impressed with the concept for the lure USB drives that they increased their original order quantity from 1000 USB drives to 2300.

Later, Rapala returned to us to order an additional 1400 custom shaped USB drives in a different shape with equal success.

Between our design team’s effort and the collaborative efforts of the customer we were able to produce a product that not only turned out looking great, but also had an unique design element that made it special both to our team and to our customer.