“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” -Harry Winston

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Harry Winston was referring to jewelry as statements pieces, but that also included promotional tools— He just didn’t know it yet. The jewelry and fashion industries are always buzzing with the latest trends. Likewise, it is important that the corresponding marketing products are just as attention worthy.

Whether you are in the business of making clothing, perfume, jewelry, shoes or accessories; custom promotional tools should be a staple in your marketing strategy. Your PR team has probably informed you that everything your name graces communicates your brand experience. Therefore, you wouldn’t knowingly give someone a half eaten candy bar in a gift bag would you? In a similar fashion you wouldn’t give potential buyers plastic cups or flyers that will be tossed away. When you invest in any marketing tool the strategic idea is that you are fostering direct marketing and long-term exposure.

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USB Promos knows this and finds new technology that is customizable as well as in high demand for our clients. Our newest line of products consists of power banks, custom shape power bank chargers, wall adapters and custom retractable cables. The beauty in these customizable technologies is that you have the power to mimic, replicate or create the necessary look for your brand. Considering that 75% of consumers keep branded promo items in their workspace, investing in technology based tools will keep your name on their minds. 

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Consider a promotional tool with a higher perceived value while shopping around. Research shows that consumers are more likely to keep a branded promo item that appears to be worth more money. So toss aside the idea of using common products that go straight to the trash like pencils, pens or cups. Invest in promotional technology that has longer life warranties, adds functionality to the life of a consumer and feels more like a reward for loyalty as opposed to a marketing gimmick. 

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If you have any questions on what promo tool is best for you or would like to see a free design mock-up, reach out to our sales team: sales@usbpromos.com or our toll free number 1-800-515-3990.


-The USB Promos Team

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