The Company:

Sony Playstation

The Challenge:

To design and produce custom USB drives mimicking Sony Playstation’s PS4 game controller for an internal giveaway at the company.

Our Strategy:

Sony Playstation came to USB Promos with an inquiry about designing custom USB drives in the shape of their PS4 game controller. They wanted the product for an internal giveaway to their development team at Sony Playstation Vue.

Our design team’s first step was to go out and buy an actual controller at the local GameStop so they could study the product. This is a strategy they often employ when a customer requests a custom USB drive in the shape of one of their products and it usually garners great results.

The team brought back a design for the USB drives that when set side-by-side with the real product looks almost identical. After receiving approval for their design idea the USB Promos team set about creating the controller-shaped USB drives.

The Cool Details:

To bring the USB drives to life the team used a real PS4 controller for inspiration. Once the design was set, Sony Playstation opted to order the majority of the USB drives in black, while a smaller number were to be made gold.

The black controller-shaped USB drives were created using black PVC. The gold ones, on the other hand, were manufactured using metallic PVC. The coloring of the buttons and the small nuances of the USB drives were modeled after the real life controller we had in-house.

Finally, the customer opted to have their USB drives housed in custom imprinted packaging. The last step of the creation and manufacturing process was to create these customized imprinted packages in black to store the controller-shaped USB drives.

End Results:

The USB Promos team wanted to make the representation of the controllers as accurate as possible, particularly because the USB drives were for an internal giveaway. To achieve this they utilized the real product as a model during the design process.

The customer ordered 450 controller-shaped USB drives in black and another 50 in gold. Employing different materials to reflect the desired colors we were able to create 500 stellar representations of the PS4 controllers in USB drive form. We then created custom packaging for the drives developed not only to protect them, but also to represent the customer’s brand. The USB drives were packaged in an imprinted black protective shell for the giveaway that looked great and represented the brand.