USB Promos offers quality, low-cost, paper webkeys. Any traditional USB drive that we offer including custom PVC molds can be made into a webkey. However, the paper web key is not only fully customizable, but also the more cost effective choice.

Paper web keys are not built to store extensive data like a traditional USB drive. Rather, they have the capability to be programmed with specific web page URL information. The webkey, once plugged into a computer, automatically directs the customer to the web site that you want them to view.

For instance, pharmaceutical companies can design the web key packaging like a brochure to market a new product. The information might include name of product, pictures and benefits of use. The web key will serve as an extension of the brochure by directing customers to the exact web page that discusses ingredients or case studies. This is an ingenious way to direct traffic to the exact information you want seen.

Paper webkeys are the most cost effective way to market with a USB drive. Printing on paper means it’s cheaper to make and lighter to ship. A web key is also unique because it provides multiple inches of surface area to print on rather than a small logo on a traditional drive. Paper web keys come in a variety of shapes and sizes all allowing you the maximum opportunity to sell yourself.  Not to mention they are compatible with both PC and Mac audiences.

USB Promos believes the best part about the web key is the back-end tracking infrastructure that comes with it. Tracking means:

  • Each web key has a unique serial number

  • Plugging in the webkey relays the client extensive feedback including: who used it, where it’s being used, when and what they are looking at EVERYTIME

  • Salespeople can use this tracking software as a powerful tool to see who is viewing the webkey and call on those people directly

  • Webkey tracking helps to end processes like ‘cold-calling’ because only interested clients are called


For more information about webkeys, paper or traditional, don’t hesitate to ask. Click here for further reading.


-USB Promos