The Company:

Oxley Gin - a Bacardi owned brand

The Challenge:

Designing a custom USB drive that imitated the Oxley Gin bottle and preloading it with customer content to send directly to an Oxley Gin event.

Our Strategy:

Oxley Gin came to USB Promos with a design idea: they wanted a replica of their Gin bottle in USB form. Our team’s first step was to go out and purchase a bottle of the gin, a strategy we often employ when designing a USB drive modeled on a customer’s product.

The same day Oxley Gin made their first inquiry, the team took a trip to the liquor store and purchased a bottle to use as a model.

With speed and accuracy our design team created a rendering of the proposed USB drive and sent an image of the rendering next to the real product to customer that same afternoon. Not only was the fast turnaround time impressive, the rendering itself was incredibly accurate when set side-by-side with the real product.

Once the team got approval of the design idea we set about bringing it to life. In order to do that we used custom pieces to make it as accurate a representation as possible.

The Cool Details:

Since the design for the custom USB drives was based on Oxley Gin’s product the USB Promos team wanted to get it as close to the real thing as possible. To do that we ended up including unusual and custom pieces to make the USB drives look like mini-bottles of Oxley Gin.

First, we wanted to get the glass part of the bottle right. To create a glass-like effect we used translucent PVC for the main body of the bottle.

Next, we tackled the bottom of the bottle, which, for Oxley Gin, is a steel cup that caps the glass on the bottom. It’s one of the most unique and interesting design aspects of the bottle so we wanted to be sure to make it look just as good in our representation. In order to do that we manufactured custom aluminum caps for the bottoms of our USB drives.

To place the company’s name on the USB drives we created custom paper labels, which were almost exact replicas of those on the real bottles, to adhere to the PVC.

Finally, as the finishing touch, we attached cell phone charms to the tops of the USB drives to emulate the hanging ornament on Oxley Gin, completing the nearly identical bottles.

End Results:

We created 1000 USB drives in the shape of Oxley Gin bottles, preloaded them with the content that the customer provided, and shipped the USB drives directly to an event in New Orleans. From start to finish we were able to provide exactly what our client was looking for with astounding accuracy, speed, and convenience.