A lesson we learned in grammar school applies to the best marketing. Do you remember: K.I.S.S? It means ‘keep it simple sweetie’. Marketing in the 21st century has grown to be a spectacle of sorts. Businesses use the brightest colors, sounds, lights, effects, spokespeople etc. They spend ample amounts of money to get mediocre results.

In regards to USB drives as a marketing tool, sometimes we need to K.I.S.S. Sometimes all you need to communicate your idea to the masses is a simple and classy drive. That is why we offer metal USB drives. One of our personal favorites is the Old World Key USB drive (model FD-1240-E).

It is a classic, clean and durable option. Looks can be deceiving. The key looks like it would not be able to store much memory, however, you can customize your order with up to 64GB per drive. It is made of stainless steel, but can be coated with a chrome or gold finish. To customize it more you can have your design/logo either laser etched or silk screened onto the drive. And even though it is a sturdy USB drive, we offer a lifetime warranty and guarantee at least a 10-year data retention on the key drive.

The key presented was custom made for The Printing House West Village to market their luxury living lifestyle apartments/condos.

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