• Album and Special Edition Release via USB
  • Bonus Content including Videos, Lyric Sheet, and Web Content
  • End User Marketing Data
  • Electronic Press Kit
  • TV/Movie Trailers for your Audience
  • Marketing Material for Advertisers


Branding is essential in the image conscious entertainment industry. Customize your drive with a variety of material and imprinting options, or choose a custom shape for a unique product or promotional item. Data preloading makes USB drives an ideal format for a variety of media types.

Launch a new album, or a limited edition or special edition release via USB drive. Include album tracks, artwork, lyric sheet, music videos, live concert footage, interviews or other bonus content. Releasing music via USB flash drive also allows you to auto-launch a band or record label web site. Some artists have even used USB drives to grant users access to exclusive web content which was tracked with web analytics programs to provide valuable marketing data.

Convert your portfolios from CD’s to USB drives for a faster, more efficient method of getting your clients to review and purchase photographs.

Flash drives are also a great promotional tool for independent musician. Preload your electronic press kit and demo tracks, customize your drive with a band logo and appropriate colors or artwork to make a positive impression when soliciting record labels or management.

Promote your film studio, television station or radio station with a custom branded USB drive. Add videotrailers for new movie releases or  teasers for your station's new primetime lineup to target consumers, or market yourself to advertisers using demographic data and statistics on the benefits of television or radioadvertising.