It’s Greener Technology November at USB Promos, but what does that actually mean? (Click here for video) Well aside from offering 10% off your wood USB drive order, it means educating consumers to make a better choice.

Since you’ve found our website, it’s probably safe to say you are looking for a custom USB drive. All of our USB drives are fully customizable and make a great promotional tool. However,  only some of our drives can be considered “greener technology,” like our wood drives. All of our wood models can be customized by choosing a wood specie. We offer wood models in recycled wood, bamboo, cork, maple, walnut, beechwood and rosewood.

If you are considering USB drives we highly recommend transitioning the model of your choice into the wood version, if it is available. Most of our best seller models have a wood counterpart. For example:

Credit card style (plastic)                                                     (wood) 16014

Swivel clip (plastic)                                                                  (wood) 14030       →    


Stick drive (plastic)             (wood) 14002           OR             14003



Swing style (metal)                                               (wood) 14004


Key drive (metal)                                                           (wood) 14018

Sometimes clients hesitate in making the switch from traditional plastic/metal USB drives to wood. Typically, it is because they were not aware that wood drives receive the same customization process.

Instead of choosing a color for a plastic USB, the client would instead choose a wood specie for the model of their choice. The next step would be branding the USB. Many clients are unaware that our wood models, too, can be branded. We offer the same processes as traditional materials including CMYK print, screen print and laser etch.

Another important detail to consider when ordering USB drives is that you essentially have the power to use a more eco-friendly drive, a greener technology. After the life of the drive is reached, give or take 10 years, all of our wood models are 100% recyclable. Any metal/plastic attachments- as seen in the swivel clip model above- can be separated and recycled. The memory itself will be detached from the wood casing and shredded. Any precious metals, like copper, within the memory will be recovered through smelting and recycled.

A couple of our wood models are actually already made out of 100% recycled stock. There is a smaller rounded stick drive and credit card style. We also offer bamboo models because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Therefore, clients can feel better about choosing a wood specie.

If you’ve got any questions about our greener technology models email Also, if you are interested in wood models, take advantage of our November promotion for 10% off of your wood drive order.


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