Custom shaped drives are increasingly becoming a promotional trend in every industry. Some of the top companies from Jergens to Susan G. Komen have recently utilized custom drives to promote their business, product or service. USB Promos is proud to add an automotive company to our repertoire, Kia Motors.

This summer we worked hand in hand with Kia to produce a custom shaped USB drive. The drive was designed to look like a miniature replica of their new vehicle, the Kia Soul.

Kia used the mini Soul USB drive as a promotional tool. Each drive was built to function as a flash drive with storage space. However, Kia added to the ‘promotional’ factor of the drive by transforming it into a digital press/media kit.

Kia provided USB Promos with the data they wanted on the drives. We then pre-loaded every drive with that data.

Below are a few images that were included on the drives:

Also, they chose to include a few free songs that helped further the Kia Soul experience.

  • 'Michigan Nite' by Eric Kelly and the Crooked Little Reasons
  • 'Mudslide' by Eric Kelly and the Crooked Little Reasons
  • 'Shoot You Down' by Doop & the Inside Outlaws

USB Promos can pre-load any data onto your drives. For more information on our pre-loading capabilities click here.

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