I had the pleasure of interviewing one of our "Liven Your Drive" contest winners today.
Kyle Donlan, is the LinkedIn winner from USB Promos Greener Technology Month. During November, we encouraged our social media followers and clients to choose greener technology (bamboo, recycled wood, recycled cork, maple)USB drives. His simple answer won him a maple credit card style USB drive with 8GB memory. He provided us with his own custom design:
The following is our email transcript:
Nicole: How did you find out about USB Promos and the November promotion?
Kyle: "I found out about USB Promos when I first started up on LinkedIn and started getting my bearings on the website. I came across USB Promos and thought it was an excellent idea to be able to customize and personalize your drive which contains some of the most personal and precious content... Through following the company on LinkedIn, I was able to get the update about the promo and I just kinda went for it and used my idea of re-branding myself because I am currently in the midst of doing so." 
What do you plan to preload onto your custom USB drive?
"I plan to preload my current collaboration projects so that I can always have them readily accessible when I am at other artist's studios and spaces. I also plan to put some of my favorite personalized illustration pieces on it because this is a drive I want to have on me; just as much as my ID and credit card. The world is smaller than I thought and opportunities go fast." 
How do you plan to use your USB? Interviews? Portfolio? 
"I definitely plan to use it like an extension of myself like how I feel my phone is; something that is personalized and useful. Interviews would be a must to bring it to, but not so I can load up my files on the spot- I always come prepared. I would use it more so to show my process and creative style if the interviewer asks for a more in depth look. There isn't normally one path to an answer in art, especially digital, but a "million" different ways of getting to it." 
How did your USB turn out?
"I think the USB came out fantastic! I was super impressed with the level of detail in the wood grain and how well matched the USB was to my mock-up I sent for assistance. The designer did fantastic and the customer service was fantastic. I felt like I was talking amongst friendly individuals who  were excited about what they did."
I see you are a graphic designer, what is your specialty? 
"I am indeed a graphic designer & illustrator. I specialize in stylistic branding and digital illustration, but can go as far as websites and advertising, to photography, video editing and production. I really try to focus on design media as a whole, with a personal style I have always worked with and liked my whole life."
Are you currently employed? If not, what kind of position are you looking for? 
 "I am currently working as a freelance designer and illustrator, but I'm looking for full-time work in a design company or agency, as a junior or entry level, that fits my style. I have worked in design facilities before, but nothing that I found I truly enjoyed..."
Where can someone find your work?  
"I am currently about to finish my website www.kyledonlandraws.com which should be out in the next couple [of] weeks, but I am also always posting [my]work and fiasco's I get myself into on my Instagram. Search [for] me under : secretkdd"