When you design any product for the military, a few standards come to mind. The product must be:

  • reliable
  • sturdy
  • accurate
  • soundly built

Our client, Gobain, does just that. They produce a particular type of glass that holds up to all of those standards for the military. Holding themselves to those standards, they also hold others to the same.

Gobain contacted us in the past to produce custom shaped USB drives for them. That order was for mini replicas of rocket launchers.

As Gobain was very happy with our product, they recently reached out and placed another order for these fighter jets.

In both cases, the USB drives were made out of rubber 3D PVC. Custom molds were created for each drive and can only be used by Gobain in the future. The drives were used as a marketing tool for the company.

For more information about our custom shaped PVC molds clickhere. To see other examples, check out our idea gallery for every industry.


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