"My non-profit client launched the "Go On" Campaign, a dynamic statewide campaign to raise awareness and boost college enrollment. The campaign needed to appeal to a youth audience, and also to decision makers and community groups across the state. The client loved how the custom USB drives turned out! It was exciting to see the campaign logo in 3D, as something valuable that people can hold in their hands. The little drives are an eye-catching, hi-tech way to communicate our message. The Go On USB drives are being distributed to audiences ranging from teens, teachers, guidance counselors, lawmakers and community leaders. We've found them to be very practical and fun to use--they fit into a pocket and can easily be shared on the fly. The response has been superb—our State Board of Education immediately asked to order more of their own to give as prizes for everyone who fills out their college financial aid forms. We are extremely happy with the 'Go On' USB drives. My client says "They delivered an extra punch to an already great communications campaign."

Ordered: September 24, 2010