It is almost that time of year to deck the halls, take out the shovel and purchase a new pair of gloves. While you are busy preparing for the upcoming holidays don’t forget to remember the people who support you year round- employees. It may sound hard to believe, but many bosses forget to remember the people who keep them afloat. So start researching and planning now so that you are better prepared to gift your employees something they will appreciate.

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Starting the search for the perfect appreciation gift should not be saved for the last minute. That is when you end up making a rushed decision and gifting trinkets you wouldn’t even want. Not to mention, there is no faster way to seem like an unappreciative boss than handing out thoughtless and cheaply made gifts.

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While searching for a good employee appreciation gift, keep in mind you want something that:

  • has a high perceived value

  • wouldn’t or couldn’t be purchased for themselves because it is more of a luxury item

  • provides functionality in their life

  • adds to the efficiency of his or her life


USB Promos has taken these suggestions into mind in order to suggest perfect employee appreciation gift ideas. Our top pick is the custom power bank mobile charger in either a standard design or a 3D shape power bank.

In 2014 USB Promos added a new line of custom shape products. The most popular amongst business owners is the portable power bank charger. For the purpose of gifts to the office, it truly is an all-in-one tool. Employees perceive the customized power bank to be of high value and a true investment that is representative of your gratitude.

An employee could, but wouldn’t buy this for themselves simply because promotional companies have a 50 piece requirement in order to fulfill an order. It is a promotional tool that boosts employee morale while providing a constant power supply for their devices at work or home.

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Whether you want to print your logo onto a standard model or create a custom shape power bank; USB Promos team members are available to help you create the perfect employee appreciation gift.Tell us your ideas and we will provide you with mockups until you are satisfied.


-The USB Promos Team