• Promote a Restaurant or Brand
  • Launch a new Menu or Chef
  • Distribute Nutritional Information and Ingredients lists
  • Share Recipes
  • Provide Organic Farming/Free Trade Info
  • Offer Diet & Health Tips
  • Allow Access to Web Content


A USB drive is the perfect item to promote your restaurant, chef, menu, or beverages. Launch a new brand on a custom USB drive. Your opening party will be a huge success when guests receive the gift of a custom USB drive that conveys the uniqueness of your brand.

A USB drive that looks so good you could eat or drink it! Your imagination is the only limit with custom shape drives.

Distribute nutritional information, list of ingredients, allergy warnings or other information for a new product, or family of products. Include recipes, and other marketing materials via USB flash drive.

Market your product or brand as a lifestyle. Does your company participate in free trade or organic farming? Include information about these practices in your USB drive to reinforce a positive image among socially conscious consumers.

Trying to market your product's health benefits? Add health information, diet and exercise information, or case studies. Your flash drive can even launch a special web site or landing page to help customers keep up with the latest health information or track their diet progress. Use web analytics software to track web traffic via USB andcollect marketing data.