The real estate industry is always growing and becoming more competitive. According to, there are almost one-million registered realtors, alone, in the United States. Most of those realtors are also riding the technology wave. They are learning the importance of technology and how to incorporate it into their business. USB Promos supports many of these innovative realtors and works with new clients, every day, to develop a better marketing strategy involving custom USB drives.

USB drives are strongly associated with saving personal files in school or at work. However, a select number of innovative minds have begun using USBs as promotional/marketing tools. Our realty clients typically lean towards two styles when choosing their next marketing tool.

The FD-1240 is the most ordered by real estate agents.

FD-1240 metal key

Many luxury realty companies use this flash drive because of its timeless look. The “old world key” embodies the timeless look that can be enhanced with laser engraving, screen or pad printing. It comes in gold or silver.

Realtors looking for a more clean and basic model choose the FD-12019 model.

  FD-12019 Metal Key

This aluminum model is built perfectly for key rings. Many of our realty companies will provide their agents with this USB to attach to their keys. The model comes in blue, cyan, black, red, grey and green. Once preloaded with data, it provides the perfect opportunity for agents to show clients the current properties they have available, virtual walkthroughs or even general statistic sheets of where properties are located.

Regardless of the model, custom USB drives paired with data services make for a great promotional tool. Preloaded drives make information easily accessible for realtors. It simplifies the entire process of opening various folders to retrieve various documents or media. Our data services enable clients to put everything in one place: videos, pictures, presentations, web URLs, lease agreements, applications etc.

If you would like to see a free mock-up on a key USB or any other model, feel free to write us at Also, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions at (800)515-3990.


The USB Promos Team

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