• Recruit Students and Athletes
  • Distribute Educational Materials
  • Use for Homework or Projects
  • Sell Private Branded Drives in Bookstores
  • Gifts for Donors, Faculty, or Incoming Students

A wealth of information that fits in your pocket - custom USB drives are invaluable for training programs,universities and K-12 schools.

Create a persuasive recruiting tool for your school or university by preloading marketing materials like brochures, campus and community info, photos, videos, and student publications. Instead of a pamphlet that will be thrown in the trash, send a promotional item that serves a practical purpose, can be reused, and will be appreciated. Anything you put on a USB drive is small enough to mail easily and inexpensively.

USB drives are becoming increasingly common in the classroom. Distribute e-books, course material, academic policies and information with ease. Great for essays, term papers and storing and organizing school work. Students can also use flash drives for homework, projects, and other class work without having to worry about being at the same computer all the time.

School book stores already sell hats, coffee mugs and other products bearing school logos and colors, why not flash drives? You can sell flash drives with your school's private branding, instead of a manufacturer's. We can even help you with your packaging needs, to make stocking and selling even easier.

The convenience and versatility of USB flash drives makes them an excellent gift for a variety of academic purposes. Faculty, board members, donors, alumni associations, fraternity or sorority members or pledges, and incoming students are all superb candidates for this type of gift.