A new trend is born every week. Lately, many activists have turned societies eyes to preserving our most precious gift, the environment. USB Promos has developed a few models to offer to those that want USB drives, but want to keep as much of the drive eco friendly as possible.

We offer custom USB drives made from wood or cork. There are a few choices for wooden drives that include bamboo, recycled wood, maple, breechwood, rosewood and walnut. You can learn more about our wooden drives here. The most popular of those models is the FD-14011.

Aside from the wooden drives, we also produce our very popular wine cork model. While you can print onto the wine cork the more preferred option is laser engraving.

You can order your drives with a range of memory from 128MB to 64GB. Also, eco friendly models can be branded with:

  • full color printing

  • CMYK printing

  • laser engraving

  • pad printing

  • screen printing

To learn more about the printing/branding options click here.

USB Promos also offers additional customizations for the gold USB drives including:

  • custom print packaging

  • data preload

  • deluxe packaging

  • encryptions

  • partitions

  • portable apps

The next time you need an innovative marketing tool, look no further than one of our eco friendly drives. We can even preload your documents to the drive to reduce paper and printing usage.

If you have any questions simply email our team at sales@usbpromos.com or call our toll free number at 1-800-515-3990.

-USB Promos