There’s no way to tell how long USB drives will be our go-to medium for saving and transferring files, but the same can be said for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These days, we upload and email everything using the Internet, but we don’t truly possess any of the data.

Well, 5 years from now when you've forgotten your login to Facebook, we’re sure you’ll be relieved to know that you saved pictures from your kid’s first trip to the park, elsewhere.

All you really need is a flash drive, preferably 8GB or larger, and a secure space.

Plug your USB into your laptop and clear it, then start adding new files. Baby’s first trip to the zoo? Wedding-day outtakes? All of those should be saved!

Take it a step further and create folders that clearly identify what’s inside. Your College Years folder can house that horrible essay you wrote in Astronomy 101 or a picture of your dorm that always seemed to look like a tornado just rolled through.

After you’ve loaded your drive, store it in the family safe or another spot that holds important items...(birth certificate file folders, anyone?) And that’s all there is to it!

Need a flash drive for your project? We guarantee data retention for 10 years on our drives, so your memories will be more than safe.