“DiLeonardo is so happy that we found USB Promos searching the internet for our custom USB drives, they were so helpful, and their turn around time was so quick. We love our custom USB drives, and hope that everyone that receives them from us with be in awe! DiLeonardo plans on using the USB drives to upload our Design Portfolio to send to our Clients, or to pass out at Conferences, or meetings. We will upload our design portfolio in English, Chinese and Arabic and lock down the files, so they can’t be deleted. The Client has plenty of space left to use the USB drive for his or her personal use also, and our Name is always at their fingertips. We also gave a USB drive to our employees, so they have their own drive for personal use. We handed these out today, and they were all happy to receive them, and thought they were great! One of our staff members noticed that the cap slides over the DI dangling from the chain, so you don't lose the cap....we didn't even realize this...so we like the USB's even more now! We ordered a package to send them out in where they will be displayed in a box that pulls open. It is really a unique piece to celebrate our 40 years in business.”

Ordered: November 16, 2010