The most successful businesses have developed a brand, an experience. The more compelling the experience a business can provide, the quicker brand loyalty is built. Companies like Kodak, Downy and McDonalds have mastered everything about their products from the thoughts associated to the packaging. For larger and more mainstream industries it is a bit more easy to accomplish. However, what is a business to do when they are simply in the film, music and television industries? How do you create a total package to represent your brand if your product isn’t necessarily tangible?

An innovative method is to create a custom USB that is representative of your product. Photographers, for example, can utilize a custom mold of a camera. By displaying their business logo on the “viewing” screen, auto-playing a song and pre-loading the ordered  images for the customer on it instead of a cd, the photographer essentially creates a brand experience. The word of mouth generated by the received experience is bound to be more positive.

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