This Spring, we had the pleasure of designing and producing a custom USB for a new client. The client is known for engineering high quality cookware, much like our high quality USB drives.

Working with this client provided a fantastic challenge for our graphic design team. We were presented with the challenge to either produce a typical USB drive with a logo printed onto it, or we could create a one-of-a-kind custom USB. We successfully completed a custom shape that replicated one of the client’s toasters.



The custom mold was made out of rubber PVC. The USB itself was molded to mimic two pieces of toast that can be taken out of the toaster and plugged into a port. It was built to be sleek, sturdy, and simple, just like the client’s products. In the end, the USB Promos team satisfied not only its client, but ourselves.




Creating top of the line custom USB drives is what we aim to do. With every opportunity that arises, the USB Promos team sharpens our creative skills and produces the best custom promotional tools this industry has to offer. Our graphic design team is second to none. Our ordering process proves quick and almost effortless for clients. Not to mention, our products are proven to bring in the results you need.



We’re so excited about our custom USB drives that we are offering a summer promotion! Place an order through July and receive 10% off, free custom mold, free designs and free ground shipping. Products are completed and delivered within three to four weeks after an order is placed. If you have an event coming up or even later this year, think ahead and be prepared. You’ll be the start of the show with a memorable and functional promotional tool rather than the typical plastic cups, pens or stickers.


-The USB Promos Team


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