USB drives are a convenient way to carry around data, but that also means your data can encounter some unexpected situations. If you are looking for a waterproof USB drive, you need to be aware of what sometimes gets labeled as waterproof. USB drives are often encased in plastic, metal, or even wood. As a result, the data inside should stay dry if you get caught out in the rain or splashed with some water.

However, most USB drives are not designed to be completely submerged, especially not at any great depth. The biggest issue is that the USB connector gets damaged. While the data on the drive may still be good, now there is no way to get to it.

So what should you look for in a waterproof USB drive? Basically, you want a drive that closes completely and has a waterproof seal. It should also be made from a shockproof material. Remember that the more sensitive the data is that you will be carrying around, the more serious you want to be when shopping for the right USB drive.

True Waterproof USB Projection

The answer you will get from most sites while searching the internet about USB flash drives getting wet is that you just have to be patient and make sure they completely dry out before plugging them into your computer. But if you want to true protection from the elements, then you want a case with a waterproof seal.

One example of a waterproof USB drive is the FD-12047 from USB Promos. The USB drive is enclosed in a machined aluminum capsule. The waterproof seal ensures that water won’t leak in, even if the capsule is temporarily submerged in water. If you are going to be going into harsh weather conditions, this is the USB drive you want with you. Plus, your data will be protected if one of your kids spills a drink on it.

Top Quality, Custom USB Drivers at Affordable Bulk Rates

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