August means the end of summer and beginning of school for many. So how can students, faculty and education systems prepare at large? Give students a tool that can aid in their education while serving your direct marketing needs.

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While we would usually suggest custom USB drives to schools to match your promotional needs, we actually have an even better recommendation this school year. In July, the USB Promos team unveiled our promotional line of custom power bank mobile chargers, wall plug chargers and retractable cables. But the power banks, either standard and branded or custom shape, are our top pick for 2014 in every level of education:

Middle School

Exposing young adults to a variety of technologies is great for their learning capacities and creativity. You can teach student preparedness and reliability by requesting that the portable charger is kept throughout the year. Some schools have a rent and return policy to teach those responsibilities. Not to mention it save schools money for up to 10 years if taken care of.

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High School: Recruit for College

High school is full of memories, good and bad. But one memory that is never forgotten by those that pursue a higher education, is the moment:

  1. They are visited by the recruit of their future alma mater.

  2. They visit the college of their choice and receive a welcome bag.

  3. They receive their long awaited acceptance letter.

All three of these moments have one thing in common that makes the memory and that is receiving some type of promotional product that he or she can quickly display with pride. By changing the branded cup or magnet into a power bank, you ensure that the item will be kept at least through their college career. Not only will the tool be saved from landfills, but you guarantee brand visibility and possibly a future student with every person who sees your branded power bank.

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College: School Pride

Once a student has enrolled in their college courses, handing out promotional products that inspire school pride are typically handed out. Traditional items might have been similar in style to t-shirts, cups, bags, flags, pencils, pens or planners. However, the times have changed and even more functional are promotional tools than products. Tools facilitate work.  Products are produced to exist. Promotional tools like a custom USB or custom power bank have been around, but they are more recently used as tools to brand and marketing your business.

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Portable mobile chargers can be completely customized and branded with your logo. While it is more of an investment, the benefits outweigh the costs. You will not face the same issue of throwing away money  quite literally. Items that are not seen as functional or branded are typically thrown away within hours of receiving. When that happens you lose money, time and free direct marketing in the future. By investing in a more modern tool like a custom power bank or custom USB you can guarantee almost 10+ years to the dollar of each promotional tool. Not bad, huh?

USB Promos encourages education, back to school savings and marketing strategy longevity. Mention this blog post to your sales team member and receive 25% off custom power banks, wall adapters or custom chargers. You’ll also receive free mock-up designs, free printing and free shipping.


Happy School Year,

The USB Promos Team

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