Promotional products involve critically thinking about the message you are trying to convey to your receiver. With all of the marketing products and promotional companies out there it can be difficult to navigate what choice is actually best for your company. While it may seem like a good deal to buy lots of frisbees or cups because they are cheap in bulk, that wouldn’t match your brand experience if you were a lawyer or accountant.  Same goes for the health care industry. It wouldn’t make sense for you to hand out yoyos, folding chairs or candy because they don’t match the perceived brand image.


However, health care affiliates should utilize promotional tools that are more closely related to their field and therefore effective. USB Promos recently added a new line of promotional products that are completely customizable with our rubber PVC process to better accommodate clients needing a more unique marketing tool. We have found that custom shape 3D USB drives or custom shape power bank mobile chargers are more exceptional promotional tools.

Custom Shape USB Drives

Custom shape USB drives are a great solution for the health care industry. The days of handing out chapstick or lip balm are over. Same goes with heart shaped anything; mint holders, magnets, paper clamps, lotion etc. Men too are hospital attenders, and they do not keep these types of items because of their feminine appeal. Thus the importance of finding a promotional tool that is consistent with your target audience.




Conducting primary or secondary research on which tool will best market to your specific audience including age range, sex, socioeconomic status etc. is highly beneficial. Also, looking into what consumers will do with a variety of promotional tools in comparison with what you want them to do will give your business a bit of leverage when deciding on which product to invest in; for instance, most consumers will keep clothing over a desk trinket like a pencil or stress ball.




Research shows that technology focused promotional tools are more highly favored than traditional tools like the plastic cup, pen or frisbee. This is because there is a higher perceived value associated with technology; consumers believe a USB drive is worth more money and is more functional in their life than a cup. Custom shape USB drives can be created from any idea, picture, product etc. Not to mention they encourage long-term direct marketing that essentially reduces the perceived cost.

USB Promos-Custom Shape USB.jpg


If you are trying to encourage long-term direct marketing then a technology promo tool may be your best bet. Investing in quality technology like a USB drive rewards you with:

  • the ability to initially share data with consumers

  • giving consumers a tool to save and store personal data for up to 10 years (warranty)

  • direct marketing every time USB is used or displayed to passersby

While promotional companies do offer standard designs that can be customized, USB Promos offers the unique service of custom shape flash drives. We can take any design, for instance a band aid, and recreate a 3D or 2D rubber PVC replica. Not to mention we can brand with your logo in a raised or extruded rubber fashion like the following for Brand Aid and Sinai Hospital:


bandaid+customUSB+USBpromos+healthcare+medical+promotional tool.jpg

USB shapes can be made in just about any material you can think of, but our most popular are metal, wood, rubber and ABS plastic. ABS plastic is known for its toughness and is impact resistance. While shopping around for your custom flash drives, be wary of companies that don’t specify what their plastic is made of— or you will end up with easily broken, low quality drives that reflect poorly on your business.

pill+USB promos+ custom USB+ healthcare+ medical+ pharma.jpg


Custom Powerbank Mobile Charger

Another technological tool is our brand new line of power bank mobile chargers. They come in standard stock model shapes or a custom 3D shape. All mobile charger models range in charge capacity (2200mAH to 12800mAh), come with a universal USB charging cord and can be printed on or laser engraved.  The following examples demonstrate colors and model choices for you.

St Jude_Powerbank_Mobile Charger.png


mount sinai hospital_ usbpromos_powerbank_mobile charger.png


Similar to the custom USB process, our shaped portable chargers are created from rubber PVC as well. However, the material is molded into a sleeve that envelopes the powerbank. Any shape can be created for you so don’t be afraid to ask.



To learn more about any of our promotional tools, services or ongoing promotions contact our sales team. You can email or call our toll free number 800-515-3990 for help.

-The USB Promos Team