It is more common for people in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to market with basic credit card style USB drives. Nonetheless, there are some that go above and beyond by utilizing a custom rubber PVC 2D or 3D drive.


Designing a custom USB drive is an exciting process regardless of the type of drive you choose. However, customizing a PVC mold is a bit more fun. What better way to capture your audience's attention then providing them with a miniature replica of your product or service?


In the medical and pharmaceutical industries USB Promos has custom made a variety of thumb drives. A favorite mold is the ‘band-aid’. It is an age old concept that still has room to be unique. The following are two different band-aids. The first is an image of one of our generic band-aid drives.

The second and third are of a custom drive Sinai Hospital personalized.  


As you can see, the shape can be sized, colored and branded differently.Other ideas that have come to life are pill bottles, liquid formula bottles, hearts, pills, bones, teeth, doctors, dentists etc. If you have even the slightest curiosity of what you would like your drive to look like, please let us know. Our talented graphic designer can create a mockup for you within 24-hours. If you like it we will work with you until maximum satisfaction is achieved. If not, we are more than happy to try again.

Check out our idea gallery to see how other people in the medical and pharmaceutical industries have utilized their drives.


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