• Execute strategic PR and Marketing Plans
  • Develop and integrate custom promotions
  • Produce online games, contests and sweepstakes
  • Manage analytics and trends and create Social Media Marketing campaigns
  • Build sustainable brand loyalty for products and services
  • Manage Broadcast, Television and Radio Advertising, Magazine, Newspaper and Outdoor Advertising
  • Do Photography and Illustrated branding
  • Handle Interactive & Electronic Media, Web Design, Web Programming, and Web Optimization
  • Prepare sales and promotional literature and on-line catalogs
  • Create annual reports and media kits
  • Run employee communications, motivation and training


If you perform any of the services above, a USB drive is a practical tool to own.

Whether you are a PR or Advertising firm or a business that manages Social Media, USB drives allow you to organize and control sales and marketing data, campaigns and media channels.

Check with us on the power of a custom USB drive — your best branding tool yet.