Regardless of your industry, promotional tools play a significant part in your marketing strategy. You've probably heard horror stories about failed marketing tools. They can truly put your brand at the front of every consumers mind. They can also ensure you are forgotten among all of your competitors as your promotional tools are either passed up or worse—tossed into the trash for no one to ever see or remember.




With promotional companies offering the ‘newest and best’ products to promote your business it can be a bit frustrating to find the right fit for you. However, it is important to not get swept up in all of the commotion; sign spinners, extra tall plastic beer steins, fun shaped magnets and mardi gras beads are a thing of the past. More promising and modern tools involve what every consumer loves to dream about: technology. Technology plays an important role in today’s society now more than ever.




All of the tech gadgets provided an opportunity for USB Promos to see a need that needed to be filled. For every piece of technology a charger is needed and with every charger leaves an open opportunity for branding. The popular promotional company paired the two ideas together to create custom USB mobile chargers.


USBPromos_customUSB_powerbank_mobile charger


There are two types that are offered with a large variety in between: custom standard models and custom shape USB chargers.

Custom Standard Chargers

Herein lie a marketing tool for the simple at heart; those aiming for quality looks, but not labor or time intensive. USB Promos offers powerbanks and USB power adapters that can be used to charge USB compatible technologies. With 24 models, over eight color options, three branding options and three types of materials to choose from, you can create a charger as unique as your brand.




Custom Shape USB Mobile Chargers




Custom 2D/3D chargers contribute to a more powerful statement as a promotional tool. Each charger that is designed is completely unique; a design can never be replicated through USB Promos. Our talented designers take the time to ensure each proof is an original design tailored to the client's brand identity. A 3D aluminum mold is machined once the proof is client approved. Prior to ordering you can ask for our Rapid Prototyping Service and receive a prototype in as little as 24-hours. This service allows you to see a basic 3D replica of the design and make changes before production. The entire process takes around 3.5 weeks so plan ahead.



Whether you need  to rush a custom wall charger order or you’ve got time to spare for a unique 3D charger, our sales team can help choose the best plan of action for you. If you have any questions about the mobile charger process email or comment below.


-The USB Promos team