How Can a Webkey USB Help Promote Your Business?

A webkey USB looks just like a regular USB and plugs into a computer just like a regular USB. So what’s the difference? With a webkey USB, your business has the unique opportunity to more effectively market itself or its products to customers. These USBs plug into the customer’s computer and automatically takes them to a webpage, a catalogue, or even a survey. You can customize a webkey USB to launch whatever program you’d like once inserted. Here’s how a webkey USB can be a functional, modern way to market your business to customers.


Size is the first feature you want to think about. Our power banks come as small as keychains to as large as some small tablets. To determine what size is best for you, it’s a good idea to think through how you will use these power banks. Are you getting these power banks to treat your employees are will they be handouts at an upcoming event? The size of the power bank has a few implications on amount of power in the bank as well as the capacity, so those are some things you’ll want to think about as you make this decision.


We offer a wide range of materials including: plastic, metal, and wood. Our largest selection of color options is in our plastic power banks, however our metal power banks have quite a few color selections as well as finishing options. We have some matte/frosty and glossy metal power banks. If you’re looking for a unique and classy aesthetic, we suggest taking a look at our wooden power banks. We have 5 different finish types and models. All of our material types come with the option to get text or images printed or laser engraving.


Another way you can customize your power bank is with color. We have a very wide variety of colors to choose from to make sure your power banks are on brand. We also have the ability to print text and images on the power banks, make this a great place to display your logo. We are happy to work with you to make sure the color and artwork are to your liking for your power banks.

Multi-Function & Capacity

You also have the ability to choose between single and multi-function with our power banks. The multi-function power banks come with more than one port and usually include micro-USB ports to make charging any device easier. We also offer power banks with a higher power capacity that allows for more usage from one charge. Our largest capacity power bank can even support charging a laptop.

As power banks become more and more of an everyday item, they become a useful and practical candidate for promotion of your company. And with our many options for customization, power banks are a no-brainer. Contact us today about how your company can stay on the leading edge and get customized power banks today.