Choosing the right USB drive might seem like an easy decision, but consider all the traits you want in your storage device: security, durability, and the right storage space. USB drives can last for several years, so you want be sure you get the device that best fits your needs.

At USB Promos, we offer a variety of USB drives so you can be sure you have the selection you need as well as your choice of quality products with us. Here, we help you consider our different types of flash drives to determine which one would suit you best.

Discreet Smaller Drives

Mini flash drives and other smaller, thinner drives offer a discreet way for you to store your information as well as an easy way to transport them. The low profile of these small drives makes them simple to use for computers, tablets, and even audio systems. Its compact design saves space while providing storage. When you want a smaller drive to keep and move your information, these discreet drives may be for you.

Go for Rugged and Sturdy

When your drive goes everywhere you do, you have the option of choosing a drive that’s more rugged and sturdy. These are drives that are featured in our materials of metal, wood, and PVC. We even offer drives in leather to suit your style as well as durability for your storage solutions. All of our drives come with customizable colors and storage space as well as quantities, so you can be sure you’re getting the USB you need regardless of your style choice.

Credit Card Style for Flair

Our credit card USB drives offer a unique way to promote your business or keep a USB drive in your wallet! Easy to transport and totally customizable, these drives are about the size of a regular credit card that you’d keep in your wallet. If you choose to use these unique storage solutions as business cards, you can upload different documents about services that your business offers on them. We offer these unique, attractive solutions in plastic and wood as well at metal.

Consider Space and Security

Besides material and robustness, space and security are two of the most important features you’ll be considering when it comes to your USB solutions. You’ll never regret having too much space on your USB drive, so when appropriate, choose as much storage as you feel you’d use. When it comes to security, USB Promos uses memory from top-notch manufacturers and never sells memory that has been used. Our USB drives are built for speed, performance, and durability.

Regardless of what type of USB drive you’re looking for, USB Promos has customizable solutions to fit your needs. Whether you want a completely unique USB drive in the shape of a dolphin or just want a secure, durable drive that you know will last for the years ahead, we can help ensure your storage needs are being met with our many USB solutions!