USB-C is here to stay

Prepare for a new generation of cables and accessories. USB-C brings many exciting options to the table here is what you need to know.

USB-C is Backward Compatible

That means you can connect your phone to a USB-C port with the proper adapter. In the same way, you will be able to connect your next phone which will likely have a USB-C port to your computer’s current standard USB-A port.

True USB-C supports bi-directional power

The specs are still changing, but in theory, this means you can charge a USB-C phone with another USB-C phone. This also give many options for external phone peripherals such as optical mice, external storage, camera flashes, and many other accessories that require extra power. And with up to 100 Watts of power, you'll be able to to charge your laptop by connecting it to an external monitor. Video and plenty of power in one connection.

USB-C Cables are easy

Not only are both ends of the USB-C cable the same, there is no up-side-down. You can connect either end to any device with either side up.

USB-C supports rapid charging

True USB-C devices can supply 100 Watts of power which is enough to charge a larger than normal laptop. Though the default voltage is still 5V, compatible USB PD (USB Power Delivery) devices can negotiate a higher voltage up to 20V!

USB-C and USB 3.1 offers alternate modes

Using USB 3.1 technology, USB offers fast 10Gbs per second data transfers. This is plenty of bandwidth to connect external monitors, video capture devices, and audio pre-processors.

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