Interactive Life Forms has partnered with USB Promos to replicate one of their products into a custom USB drive! Interactive Life Forms has multiple sub brands and is known for promoting well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Interactive Life Forms came to us asking us to clone one of their products into both a USB and USB power bank charger. In order to make this possible, they sent us samples of the product they wanted us to clone so we could get the intricate details down. We worked hand in hand with them to get the replication of their product as true to form as possible.


Our talented design team took exact measurements of the actual products and were able to size the USBs and chargers to exact proportion. Also, we were able to match, to near perfection, the colors of the actual products. Approval of the designs was quick and ILF and USB Promos were both excited to get these in to production.

ILF renders.jpg

Interactive Life Forms was so pleased with our capabilities that even before we started production on the USBs and Chargers they sent us even more products to replicate for future orders. We look forward to our future cooperation and hope to be able to create even more innovative designs for this great partner of ours.