Photographers are among our most regular customers. The custom USB drives that we’re able to tailor-make for each unique photographer’s situation are a great way to reinforce your brand to your clients while delivering their photos. Here are some reasons our photographer customers choose to deliver photos to clients on our custom USB drives:

#1. To Stand Out

It’s part of the normal process with photography subjects to digitally deliver photos--why not do it in a way that makes an impression, and will increase the chances that they will return to you for their engagement photos, their wedding photos, their child’s first baby shoot--that you’ll become their definition of photographer? You can do this by selecting a USB drive that communicates your style and has your logo printed on it.

Wooden USB Drives

Many photographers choose an engraved wooden USB drive. It looks tasteful and organic. That’s what Mariah Milan, LLC, of Maui, did.

"LOVE the drives - my clients have loved them too! Mahalo!" - Mariah Milan (


Another idea is to choose a swivel drive that matches your logo’s main color, and to engrave your logo on the swivel.

See this drive here:

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging really brings the message of personability to a higher level. Your clients are no longer receiving only a reminder of you, they’re receiving a gift.

Receive packaging for as low as $1/drive. Our most popular presentation box:

#2. It’s Not That Expensive

Our average order from photographers amounts to the $700 - $1,000 range. Many orders include packaging and are in quantities of 50-100 at a time to save money on the bulk discount (our minimum order quantity is 50). For a little more than $400, you can order 50 of one of our bestselling drives with enough space to contain photos for your sessions--and that includes free 4 spot color printing or laser engravingon each flash drive. Prices vary on memory size and model.

photo: pricing for our best-selling flash drives

#3. You Can Order Various Sizes in the Same Order

You’ll need to figure out how much space you’ll need on average for each photography situation and order drives that have at least that much. If you do a lot of senior photo sessions, but also do some weddings, then you could fill 80% of your order with 1GB flash drives for the senior sessions, and 20% with 8GB flash drives for those high-capacity sessions. You’ll need to do your own math to determine what exact sizes you’ll need.  

#4. Shipping is Responsive

Our average shipping time is 10-business days, which is more than enough time for the average photographer. However, if you’re in a pinch, we have several models that can arrive within 7 days, and our special “rush” models, which can arrive in as little as 48-72 hours. Packaging takes 10 business days; however, so you’ll want to plan ahead if you want to include it.

photo: our 1411 rush model

photo: our 1614 rush model

#5. You Will Feel Good About It--And So Will Your Clients!

Many photographers feel a fantastic sensation when they receive their flash drives for the first time. Remember, you created this--your logo is right there, prominent, and the whole package is an expression of your personality and your brand’s personality. It will create a talking point between you and your clients as you place it in their hands, and they observe that they’re taking a part of you home with them. Just remember what Mariah said:

"LOVE the drives - my clients have loved them too!" - Mariah Milan